Lisa Marien, vocals William “Fox” Mills, guitar Lou Bocciarelli, bass

When Lights Are Low~Honoring two intimate jazz vocal albums of the mid-20th century

Julie London Julie Is Her Name (1955) Sarah Vaughan Sarah + Two (1962)

Lisa Marien’s way with a jazz song is special. She melds sultry, sensual tone with a sharp sense of language and music. She and her ferociously gifted string colleagues will pay moving homage to a 1955 album by Julie London and a classic 1962 LP by Sarah Vaughan. To recreate historical (yet so very modern) jazz is to walk the finest of lines. It’s a balancing act between unmistakable models and the living, oh-so-fluid now. Don’t pass up this gem of a concert!

Tickets $20. Click here to purchase. At the door ticket sales $25.

Seating is not reserved; all seating is first come, first served. Doors open 1/2 hour before the start of the event. Please note, you do not have to bring a paper ticket to the event; simply give your name to the attendant at the door.